Southern Florista

Howdy Y'all! A little bit about Me... I'm newly married, proud Cat Mom to 2 crazy black kitties, and I am on the most wonderful fixer-upper adventure in a treehouse by the river. I am driven by creativity, whether that includes power tools and an endless stack of sandpaper to any and everything I can decorate with flowers and ribbons. Flowers and ribbons and buttons, oh my! 

I dabbled in the floral industry about 10 years ago now, and didn't realize it was my true passion until just last year. I was working in the legal field, because you know, I thought I wasn't a success until I was a doctor or a lawyer. Flowers were always something I did on the side, and the process brought me such joy and satisfaction, I have no idea why I waited so long to start! 

So. November 2017, I quite my day job to pursue my passion. I specialize in Forever Flowers (ahem, faux, fake, silk...Forever is still correct but just sounds fancier) and will put them in and on everything I can. My mantle has flowers, as does my guestroom headboard. I put them on wreaths, in a bouquet, on wood letters and in baskets. Dr. Seuss could make a catchy rhyme out of all that, I'm sure!

"Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life." -- Harvey MacKay

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